What Our Customers Say About Martech’s SeagullX™ System!


Just so you’d know, you weren’t lying about your poles and monofilament.  We put it up on Friday – after scrubbing down the dock again – and BINGO, no gulls … zero … immediately and none since.  They avoid it like the plague.  I was ready for a two-week waiting period but we didn’t need it.  Amazing! 

 Our dock is now the talk of Whitney Bay, with lots of looking and pointing … from people.  You said it works. The truth was in you.”

Maintenance Manager at the dock, Bay Town, CT

“The Island of CocoCay® is an eco-certified private destination. Reserved exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests, this 140-acre tropical paradise was awarded a Gold-Level Eco-Certification by Sustainable Travel International™ for its environmentally friendly activities and tours. With its white-sand beaches and spectacular surroundings, CocoCay is a wonderland of natural beauty.

Yet, in our paradise flocks of very aggressive Seagulls had been terrorizing Royal Caribbean cruise passengers when they stop at the island, forcing us to dedicate a team of staff members to make up the “seagull detail” with the sole objective to shoo away the most aggressive seagulls from our facilities, especially at lunch time.

Then, in 2012 we got the SeagullX installed. It did wonders for us – yet it did not disturb the environment, did not interfere with local ecological standards, nor it spoiled our looks! The seagull threat is a history now, no more “seagull detail” to manage, and our guest passenger can have a full enjoyment of our Paradise Island. Thank you, Riccardo, for personally supervising our installation crew! Not that our always sunny island is worth visiting at the middle of a winter!”

Site Manager, Royal Caribbean International

“Just a quick update after giving us that good advice while we were installing your system on our 14,000 square foot flat roof.  Thanks for being there for us and answering our questions so our workers did not have to stop working.  The best part of your support is that all, and I mean all, seagulls are gone.  You said there might be a few brave ones hanging around, but they have all left and it’s been over two weeks now.  We have spotted them on two buildings nearby but our roof is completely deserted.  And no more crap on the cars in our parking lot. “

Maintenance Manager, EZ-Rect, Vanvouver, BC, Canada

“Our refinery’s roof  was invaded by seagulls, creating a mess on the roof surface, the adjoining parapets and walls. We had been hiring a falconer to fly over the site several times a week to chase the gulls away.  It worked, but only on the days the falconer visited, and only while falconer was flying around the building.

Your seagull deterrent system made a miracle work on our roof – birds left permanently, but your installation still gave us unobstructed access to the roof mounted HVAC and other equipment that need occasional maintenance. 

It has been 2 years since your system was installed – no birds here. Thank you!”

Facility Manager, BP Refinery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Seagulls were flying around the pool area at our ocean side condo, using the concrete surface to crack open mussels, and even landing in the pool for a swim…  Residents were facing constant bombardment by seagull droppings, cuts to feet from mussel shells, the pool was the repository for seagull waste, and poolside lounges stained with seagull droppings. Who would want to be on our pool site? Seagulls only.

When we contacted SeagullX we had only hopes to get helped.  The management has approved the drawings for the installations, which had a free access to the pool and deck, did not interfere with the residents’ enjoyment of their poolside amenities. What’s happened next was short of a miracle – the installation completely eliminated the seagull problem. You people made many people happy!”

Shore Condo, Asbury Park, NJ

“We are located outside Chicago near O’Hare Airport and we were desperate to get helped with seagulls control on the roof – they infested the roof and had built over 50 nests each summer. The birds dropped their waste on the cars parked in the lot surrounded on three sides by the U-shaped building.  We were losing the battle against birds – tenants were threatening to leave and find cleaner premises.  A national pest control company removed the nests but could not turn around the seagulls. 

The SegullX worked out with us a deterrent system and we installed it per specifications. We were worried about roof perforations – your “Big Foot” mounting did a neat job of protecting the surface and keeping poles sturdy at the gravel and tar flat roof. 

The birds left and have not returned.  The tenants’ cars are gull-poop free and the building management is happy-happy. Sales office sent us the note “Winner of the Year’!”

Office Building Owner, Chicago, IL


“We were spending too much time power washing the pier so visitors arriving by boat would not have to walk through seagull excrements.  Every day much time and resources were allocated to a constant cleanup.  After installing SeagullX system, mounted on the dock high above the passengers’ heads, the seagulls left the area and the dock is now free of gull waste and broken mussel shells.

SeaWorld management has seen your system in action that provided a permanent solution to our site without using nets that injure and entangle birds, no noisemakers that scare birds and guests alike, or other funny business propositions.  After more than three years the SeaWorld pier is free of seagulls! “

The SeaWorld Maintenance Crew, San Diego, CA

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