Installation sites of SeagullX™
Let us mention where SeagullX™ is installed: @marinas, docks, all shapes and sizes roofs (residential and commercial), landfills, water reservoirs, crop fields, fish ponds, US Costal Guard facilities, historical and architectural sites.

SeagullX™ is installed in USA, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Ireland and UK.

Simplicity: installation process

Each SeagullX™ installation kit contains all needed to erect the system. Installation is simple. For some project, when site is small and you are good with self-projects, it is a half a day of work. But for projects larger, we suggest to hire a qualified roofing contractor. We will estimate man-hours required for the installation based on our experience of previous projects. We also offer installation as a service to our customers.

Once installed, SeagullX™ will start doing the work immediately – colony begones! SeagullX™ will last many years with proper management. It will withstand harsh weather, winter storms, exposure to the ultraviolet. Typical kit will consist of antennas, holders, base, monofilament lines, hardware, site specific drawings and installation instruction. You will need only a screwdriver and assign some time to do the project.

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