Discover solution by prevention…
The key to successful seagull control is prevention and that begins with blocking birds' access to attractive perches for resting and nesting. Most waterfowl are gliders and need a 'running start' to get airborne, as well as a lengthy runway for landing, and a monofilament line in the way will likely send them packing. The fine and highly reflective monofilament lines are invisible to a human eye, but very alerting and visible to the bird’s eyes. The avoidance reaction when the lines are seen is spectacular and may disturb other gulls enough to make them avoid the wired area.

What is SeagullX™?

The system consists of a parallel horizontal pattern of highly reflective UV monofilament lines installed above the protected area on 2’ – 9’ antennas. The maze of highly reflective monofilament lines forces birds to avoid area when gliding. Grids sections are custom designed based on the type of the area that needs to be protected. SeagullX™ system offered in custom engineered package, based on submitted measurements and specifics of the site. Customized package will come with installation instructions, parts and materials, detailed drawings and illustrations specific to your site.

SeagullX™ will turn birds away safely and effectively.

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