Value and real solution

Give customers what they need: custom made order…clear instructions of do’s and don’ts…

You provide us with measurements and lay out of your site and we will design a custom SeagullX™ System, send you installation drawings, a kit of materials with detailed instructions on installation. We will be involved in the project all the way until its full completion. You or your contractor will be able to consult with us on every detail of the installation.

We deliver….

Expertise: we are developing it every day

We are not basement-dwellers…                           

We are a precision obsessed. We are highly aware of a need not to damage the roof surface. We are aware of tear and wear when winds, frosts, rain and sun exposure testes SeagullX™. We are aware of your doubts and your high expectations. Today, we can say – we are proud of our product. SeagullX™ system was developed by an engineer and maverick that took into consideration every aspect of the challenge. SeagullX™ will preserve your roof, will stay on when gale winds will crash onto the property, will not spoil your site’s looks, and it will not hurt a bird.  SeagullX™ is a high quality product, using high quality materials, and we take each order, small or large, with utmost sense of responsibility and quality assurance on delivery. As long as the system is maintained in good condition, the seagulls will not return to the protected area.

We look above the ground level…..into the skies!

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