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There is a reason why we have been in business for so many years. Many new customers are referred to us by our old customers. Our team’s objective is to get each job done right. We are motivated and passionate about what we do. We don't get intimidated by a job challenges - we are actually looking forward to them. We have wide experience with job sites and grassroots know-how approach. No job is a small or too big for us.

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In summer 2009 we installed SeagullX on the roof of a building on the base where we operate the Naval Post Graduate School. The roof of that building got abandoned by gulls right after the installation!

The next summer, in 2010, we moved forward to protect the library roof and three other buildings on the base with SeagullX.  Within days of the installation the seagulls abandoned these roofs and are no longer a problem.   These flat roofs are approximately 100,000 square feet!  SeagullX worked with our local navy contractor to install the system that is efficient and very low maintenance.”

US Navy, Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA

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