Our solution to seagull infestation WORKS!
It’s always for a reason seagulls rest or play on your site – they fancy either the plenty, or safety, or privacy, or the view! Unwanted tenants will use it as playground and safe haven for breading or feeding...

Now you can evict seagulls with SeagullX™ system!

SeagullX™ was designed following a series of scientific studies on the flight patterns and behaviors of seabirds. SeagullX™ consists of a suspended parallel pattern of monofilament lines on aluminum 9’ poles installed above the site. Lines form grids, creating an uncomfortable landing zone for soaring birds, averting the landing and eventually sending entire population away permanently. Once erected, the system will immediately drive seagulls off the site.

Follow the links if you want to know more about SeagullX™, what it can do for you, see our references and our projects. Call for a free consultation - we will be happy to discuss your project.

What SeagullX™ will do for you…

SeagullX™ system was created to expel seagulls from roofs, patios, historical sites, docks, marinas, landfills, solid waste recycling plants, food processing plants, or any other facility where seagulls are landing, nesting, feeding. We are an engineering firm that will build the kit for your site, based on the measurements submitted to us. You or we will install it.

… and what SeagullX™ won’t

SeagullX™ system wouldn’t injure any bird. SeagullX™ is super alerting for seagulls, forcing them to avoid gliding, landing or resting at the site. We will exclude them from your site and will offer them the rest of the world!

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